Toilet Seat won’t close with Bidet? How to Fix

Toilet seat bidet is very easy to fix, although some mistakes on your part can make the whole process frustrating. If you just bought a new seat bidet that won`t close over your toilet bowl and you are seeking how to fix the error, ensure to read this blog till the end. Also, this blog is for you if you are planning to purchase a new toilet seat bidet and you want to avoid all the possible mistakes.

The bidet seat won’t close on your toilet bowl if it’s not the same type as your toilet bowl in shape. 

There are two types of toilet bowl shapes; the round toilet bowl and the elongated toilet bowl. Among the various types of bidets, only two types can be fixed on your toilet bowl. They include; bidet attachment and bidet seat. You need to purchase the bidet that is of the same type as your toilet bowl for it to close perfectly. Also, the toilet seat might not close with the bidet because you didn’t install it the right way.

This blog will guide you on how to choose the right bidet for your toilet seat and what to do to fix a toilet seat bidet that won`t close. Let us dive in!

Types of Toilet Seat Bidet

The seat bidets are a wonderful and hygienic alternative to toilet paper. You don’t have to stain your hands each time you visit the toilet. The refreshing feeling that comes with using water is amazing. 

  1. Bidet attachment

Bidet attachment, as the name implies, can be sandwiched between an existing toilet seat and its cover. It is very portable and one of the cheapest types of seat bidets. It usually comes with one water outlet; hence you cannot alternate between cold and warm water. Also, the bidet`s seat temperature cannot be adjusted because they are not electrically powered.  

  1. Bidet seat

This is the type of seat bidet that replaces the entire cover of your toilet seat. The seat bidets are of two types, the electric and the non-electric. The electric seat bidets are expensive, but they have amazing features. The features include; seat temperature adjustment, hot/cold water outlet, warm air dryer, and remote control.

 How to buy the right size of Toilet seat Bidet

measure a toilet seat

As said earlier, the toilet seat bidet won’t close if you it’s not the same shape as the toilet bowl. Shape is a determining factor while considering the best bidet for your toilet seat. Therefore you must have right size and shape of seat bidet.

Generally, toilet bowls are of two types; round and elongated toilet bowls. Not measuring your toilet bowl before buying a new seat bidet is a mistake you should avoid. This is because you could end up buying an elongated seat bidet for a round toilet bowl. You cannot always determine the shape of your toilet bowl simply by looking because some are slightly different from others. The best option is to measure the toilet bowl with a measuring tape. 

You can find out the size of your toilet seat by; measuring the distance from the center of the mounting hole at the back of the toilet bowl to the front rim. A measurement of 16.5 inches will need a round bidet seat, while 18.5 inches will need an elongated bidet seat.

Here is how to measure your toilet seat size to know the type of toilet bidet you will purchase:

Why your toilet seat won`t close with bidet

If you purchase the right size of seat bidet for your toilet bowl, it will close perfectly. The seat bidet won’t close because of two reasons. 

  1. You either purchased the wrong size of seat bidet or 
  2. You didn’t fix the seat bidet correctly.

How to fix toilet seat that won’t close with Bidet

The best solution for a seat bidet that won`t close with the toilet bowl due to the wrong size is to change the seat bidet to one with the appropriate size. 

Since you cannot reduce the size of the seat bidet or the size of the toilet bowl, changing it with the right size is the best thing to do. Follow the guide above to measure the size of your toilet bowl and use the measurement to purchase the right seat bidet for the bowl.

If your toilet seat is not closing due to the wrong installation, below is a guide on how to install either the seat bidet or the attachment bidet correctly. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing an Attachment Bidet Seat 

Attachment seat bidets are bidets installed between the toilet bowl and cover. It’s an external device that is connected to the bowl. This is a general guide to installing an attachment bidet.

Step 1: Turn off the toilet water supply

Since you will lose the water inlet of the tank, you should turn off the water supply to prevent spilling water on the floor. 

Step 2: Unscrew and take off the toilet lid (toilet cover) 

Unscrew and take off the toilet cover

Remove the toilet lid for the seat bidet to be fixed beneath it while keeping it closed.

Step 3: Install the Bidet

Place the attachment bidet on the toilet bowl and proceed to fix back the toilet lid over the bowl through the holes on the bidet. Tighten the screws on the toilet lid while ensuring that the lid is not moving. 

Step 4: Flush the toilet

This is to ensure that all the water in the toilet tank is leaked out to avoid wetting the floor when you lose the water inlet hose of the tank.

Step 5: Lose the water inlet of the toilet tank

Place a towel or rag on the floor beneath the toilet tank. Some drops of water left in the tank will leak out when you loosen it. Rap a Teflon tape on the loose end of the toilet tank. 

Proceed to tighten the T adapter found in the bidet package on the toilet tank. Tighten the water inlet hose to the other end of the T adapter. 

Step 6: Fix the attachment bidet water outlet

Screw one end of the bidet water outlet hose to the last end of the T adapter on the water tank.  Screw the other end of the hose to the bidet side panel. 

Step 7: Turn on the water inlet and check for leakages. 

Check all the fixed areas of the seat bidet and water tank for leaking water. If none, you have successfully installed the attachment bidet. 

Watch how to install an attachment seat bidet to your toilet bowl

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing a Toilet Seat Bidet

The seat bidet installation is similar to the attachment bidet installation. The only difference is that the attachment bidet is fixed beneath the toilet lid, while the toilet lid is removed completely when fixing a seat bidet. 

Ensure you turn off the water supply during installation and flush the toilet tank to prevent water spillage.

The toilet seat bidet comes with a hose to transport water, a T adapter to create water connection to the bidet and toilet tank, mounting plate with some bolts and nuts. Follow the steps below to install the toilet seat attachment

 Step 1: Undo the nut below the toilet tank and remove the toilet lid. 

Below the toilet tank is a nut connecting the tank to a water supply, undo the nut and disconnect the water hose from the tank. You can use an adjustable plier to undo the nut if too tight.

Then proceed to take off the current toilet lid. Flip the clicks up and unscrew the bolts with a screwdriver to remove to remove the lid of the toilet seat.

Step 2: Install the mounting bracket

 Install the mounting bracket

Set the holes on the mounting bracket with it flat bottom to match the holes on the toilet bowl. Fit in the bots of the mounting bracket and tighten it to the toilet bowl. Make sure that the mounting bracket is not shaking

Step 3: Install water outlet hose

Fix one end of the water outlet hose to the bidet seat column and proceed to attach the other end of the water outlet hose to the tail part of the T adapter that comes with the bidet seat. 

Step 4: Mount the bidet seat

 Mount the toilet bidet seat

Slide the bidet seat on the mounting bracket to mount it. The bidet seat has a column that fit into the space on the mounting bracket. Ensure it aligns with the seat and slide it over the bracket to properly fix. 

Ensure you hear a cracking sound to prove it’s well fitted

Step 5: Fix the T adapter to the Water tank

Connect the vertical end of the T adapter to the water tank and the other end to the water inlet hose of the toilet tank. 

Step 6: ON the water supply and check for leaks

Check the T adapter and water tank for leakages. If none, you have successfully installed your toilet seat bidet.

Ensure the bidet is off before you ON the water source to prevent water splashing on your body.

Watch how to install a toilet seat bidet


The seat bidet can be very refreshing to use! 

The headache that comes with a wrong seat bidet installation or wrong seat bidet size can kill the excitement you felt at first when you bought it. You don’t have to abandon trying to install the seat bidet in your toilet. Follow this guide to do it successfully.

By following this guide, I am sure the excitement will be restored.

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