Can You Put A Hot Tub In A Greenhouse?

We’ve got great news for you. It is possible to have the hot tub in the greenhouse. However, to successfully archive this, you will need to provide good ventilation and proper temperature. Additionally, before building or installing it, make sure that you have enough space around it. 

Who does not love and enjoy relaxing and cozy hot tubs? And even more, have you ever thought of having the hot tub in a greenhouse? Since you came across this article, you must be wondering whether it is possible or not. Being surrounded by stunning greenery, looking up at the sky, and having pleasurable sensations of hot water sound wonderful, right? 

Below, you will find some useful information that can help you to set up a hot tub in a greenhouse successfully. 

Factors to Consider Before Putting Hot Tub in a Greenhouse

A greenhouse is known for its paradise experience and having it in your greenhouse provides a more comfortable lifestyle. As you can imagine, there are several things to consider before you can decide to put a hot tub in a greenhouse.

By giving preference to these factors, you can easily build a perfect hot tub in your greenhouse and avoid future trouble.

  1. Space 

The first is to be sure you have enough space and accessibility. Before purchasing the hot tub, it is essential to measure the place accordingly. This is particularly true when you put your tub within a greenhouse because it typically has smaller accessibility and space. 

Measure your greenhouse to visualize whether your hot tub can even fit there because greenhouses are not the largest areas. If you haven’t already purchased a tub, make sure it has the same requirements as your greenhouse. Your hot tub should ideally fit snugly inside your greenhouse and have enough space around it for movement.

  1. Location

Another important thing to also consider is the location of where you will place the hot tub. It must be close to the electric supply, so the long cable won’t be needed. 

The long cables typically will require to be buried under the soil. It could be expensive, time-consuming, and laborious to complete this. Additionally, digging a large trench right through the center of your garden would probably be necessary, which is the last thing any garden enthusiast wants to do.

  1. Ventilation Need 

Hot tubs typically produce a high amount of steam. If there is not sufficient ventilation, then the vapour will start to get condensed on the walls and any material. 

This condensation will probably stick to the greenhouse panels because of the materials often utilised in greenhouses. You should think about several types of ventilation for the greenhouse inside to avoid this. Design your greenhouse with many air vents, and think about adding extractor fans. When not in use, cover the hot tub to stop water evaporation. 

  1. Temperature 

You can get special hot tub covers that have insulations, this will prevent the need for power to heat the water. Glass greenhouse panels lose heat far more quickly than plastic ones do. This may result in the greenhouse being too hot. Hot tub coverings made of plastic may melt and deform.

Benefits of having a Hot Tub In Greenhouse

Having the hot tub in the greenhouse is a dream for many people and it can create a luxurious, and relaxing atmosphere. Having a hot tub in a Greenhouse comes with several important benefits.  

  • Can Be Used All Year Round

The hot tub that is built in the greenhouse gives the possibility to use it any time of the year. No matter what kind of weather or temperature is outside. 

  • Heating Costs are Reduced

The water that is collected in the hot tub retains heat pretty well. Therefore, this warms up the greenhouse, even if the temperature outside is low. As a result of this, the cost of heating is reduced too. 

  • Hot Tub is Protected 

Having a hot tub placed in the greenhouse has also an advantage over the ones that are placed outside. It does not get damaged by the weather and is protected. 

  • Higher Humidity Level ss Maintained

And last but the most important part is that the hot tub creates humidity. And as a result, a somewhat tropical environment is created. So, the plants that enjoy higher humidity levels will thrive. 

Drawbacks Of Having A Hot Tub In A greenhouse

  • Temperature In Greenhouse Can Be Hard To Control

The first and major disadvantage of having the hot tub placed in a greenhouse is that it can cause a rise in temperatures. As a result, especially if the greenhouse is made out of plastic panels, it can get very hot.

  • Chance Of Mold, Rot, And Rust Is Increased

You may have the wood inside the greenhouse. Another con of having a hot tub there is that this wood can become rotted and rusted because of the constant humidity and condensation. The covers designed for the tubs are typically vinyl material and therefore, it can cause cracks when the temperature goes up or drops.

  • Imbalanced pH Level In Hot Tub

Temperature changes from very hot to very cold can also affect the pH level that is in the hot tub. Therefore, it will require water to be checked frequently. 

Is It Possible To Get a Greenhouse Specifically Designed For Hot Tubs?  

Some people want it and vice versa. You may have a hot tub and want to put the greenhouse around it. Wondering whether it is possible to get the greenhouse designed for the hot tubs. 

When seedlings are started inside and moved outdoors to acclimatize, this is the ideal moment to establish a hot tub greenhouse. They can be placed around the hot tub, with the doors closed at night and left open during the day. So I suppose people do the exact reverse, making their hot tub into a greenhouse. 

Having said that, you could undoubtedly purchase a greenhouse designed especially for hot tubs. If your plants enjoy humidity and a warm atmosphere, having the cover and protection around can also be beneficial for your hot tub.

Greenhouses specifically designed to enclose the hot tubs may be purchased online from several reliable vendors and are easy to find. Just make sure the greenhouse you choose matches the hot tub’s precise dimensions and requirements.

Those greenhouses have appropriate ventilation, and accessibility, and the problems regarding overheating are also solved. 

Here’s a video description of a Hot tub in a greenhouse. It serves as a relaxation center to live a greenlife

Care of Hot Tub In a Greenhouse

Hot tubs don’t become hot enough to destroy bacteria or other microorganisms. Therefore, it is necessary to routinely use some chemicals and add them to the water in the hot tub to avoid the growth of hazardous bacteria and algae.

Bromine and Chlorine are the most often used sanitizers for hot tub water. Unfortunately, these compounds escape into the air, resulting in a bad smell, irritation of the eyes and skin, and coughing. Plants can also take them up.

Although plants need the vitamin chlorine in the process of photosynthesis, too much of it can be hazardous. The leaves of a plant will become yellow and brown if there is an excessive buildup of chlorine. So, having a proper ventilation system is crucial and essential.

Here’s how to take care of your hot tub adequately:

Bottom Line

In this article above, we answered the main question- “Can you put a hot tub in a greenhouse”? Turns out that it is possible to have a hot tub in a greenhouse. It creates the ideal environment to relax among your beloved plants and have some “me-time” there. Having a hot tub in a greenhouse creates luxurious, satisfactory feelings and is a great idea. 

However, it is important to not forget recommendations and advice. This way you will make sure no harm will be brought to your beautiful greenhouse, plants, and the hot tub itself.

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