Garden Party: How to Decorate a Garage for Party

Are you thinking of having a garage party? But confused about where and how to begin? Well this guide will clear the air and help you arrange the garage party of your dreams.

If you want to arrange a party thats within your means, a Garage party works best. For starters, they are highly affordable. You can save costs on venue and decor. Yes, transforming your garage into a party place will take some effort, but the final product is worthwhile.

Let’s begin.

How to Decorate your Garage for a Party

Follow these steps to transform your garage to a beautiful event center for parties

  1. Tidy up the Garage Space

If you are using your garage for something, the first thing you should do is clear out the clutter. It helps assess how much space you have to allocate for the party. Once everything is cleaned out, make sure you reorganise the stuff. Now assess where you want certain accents of your party to be.

When the party ends, you must put things back in their original place. 

  1. Pick a theme

It is best to choose your theme before buying any decorations. Your decor and placement choices depend on the theme you choose.

Surprise parties are best done with the food and drinks section at the back. It makes it easier to build suspense. 

Choose a primary color for a theme to get a unique feeling. Most of the décor and accents will focus on working with the primary color. Select a secondary color that makes a good contrast with the primary. 

We recommend using fun and bright colors to set the tone for birthdays or baby showers. However, for official events, it’s best to use black or white with a grey undertone.

  1. Select Party Decor

It’s time to move on to getting your decorations and setting them up. Balloons are incredibly versatile and go well with almost any festivity or party. They are readily available in many colors, so it’s easy to arrange them. 

If you intend to blow up a lot of balloons, get an air pump to make the process easy. Balloons come in various shapes, designs and sizes. You can even make banners out of them so let your creativity loose. 

Banners go very well with garage parties and are easy to make. Just match them with your theme. If it’s a sports party, make the banner supporting your favorite team, and you are good to go. 

You can also use paper lanterns, crepe paper décor, old Christmas lights, ferry lights, Kraft paper, and so much more. A ballroom light is also a great addition to spice up the party.

  1. Set up Garage Decor

Once you have all your decorations, start setting up your garage. 

Use the air pump to inflate the balloons and use them to make a banner or cover the garage walls. 

Ferry lights provide much-needed lighting and a bright, fun tone for the party. They can also be used to set up the photo booth.

Use old sheets and sprint color on them to make the backdrop. Place the chairs for the guests according to your theme. Make sure to leave some space for people to gather around and talk. 

Place the ballroom light in the center of the garage for maximum coverage. Cover the food table with a single color sheet. Utilize a neon marker to make all the labels for food and drinks.

Don’t forget to put a garbage can; you don’t want to spend half the night cleaning up after the party. Place a sheet or a bit of the Christmas lights to make it catch people’s attention.

Make your party vibrant by using colorful accents complimenting the party’s theme.


Let’s talk about some garage party essentials.

  • Music, pictures, and food are essential for a good garage party. 
  • For music, use speakers loud enough to cover the garage. Please place them in corners so that the sound amplifies. 
  • Additionally, you may need a decent-sized TV if it’s a Super Bowl party.
  • Proper lighting is a must to get crisp-quality pictures of the party. 
  • Set up a photo booth right under a hanging light. 
  • Have a list of guests, which helps arrange tables and chairs. It also tells you the amount of space needed for the food table. 

How to Setup the Photo Booth

  • Arrange for proper lighting. The light source may be natural light (sunlight) or artificial light. You can use an extended bulb and place it in relatively free space in the garage as an artificial light source for photos. 
  • Arrange a backdrop that matches the theme. You may give a funky style by splattering colorful paint on the backdrop.
  • Place a digital camera or smartphone on a tripod to capture cool photos. 

How to Setup the Food

The food table placement depends on the type of event you are hosting. For example, if you host a Super Bowl watch parties or movie marathons, the TV will be the centre attraction.

The best place for the food table to be is on the side. This leaves space to utilize for décor, chairs, and even dancing.

Get a wall-mounted bottle opener, put a fun label on it and place it next to the cooler. People will not spend time looking for the bottle opener, and it won’t get lost. 

Speaking of drinks, if you don’t have a fridge in the garage, get a cooler and fill it with dry ice. Place whatever drinks you want and label them. Guests can easily find the drinks and open them with ease. Just make sure the cooler has ventilation for the dry ice.

Snacks and mini appetizers work best. They allow for an extensive menu with many options and minimum wastage. 

Using environmentally friendly disposable plates and cups is also a good idea to make cleaning easy.


Once the party ends, the issue of cleaning the mess arises. But don’t worry, just follow these cleanup steps to ease your work. 

Remember how we organized the stuff from the garage? Well, this is where it comes in.

  • Throw the used disposable plates, cups, spoons in the garbage can.
  • Take down all decors that you can use later and place them in a box labeled “Party Décor.” 
  • Take down all decorations which cannot be used again and discard them. 
  • Lastly, set everything back as it was before. 


Now you must have a huge list of ideas about how to decorate a garage for a party. These ideas will have given you a blueprint to work with, but don’t just abide by them. Put your spin on these decoration ideas and customize them. Just think outside the box and see the magic. 

You can surely try different combinations and utilize old décor for the party. 

Now, it’s time to go party. Have fun, and come again for more tips!

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