How to Change Your Window Blind Slat

Recently, I moved to a new apartment, and one of the things I had to fix was a broken window blind slat. I glued it at first and thought it was perfect enough until I moved the slat some days after, and it broke again. Now I had to find a way to change the broken slat as I can’t dispose of the window blind because of a single broken slat.

A perfect window blind adds aesthetics and beauty to your home, and any damage to its slats messes with its beauty. If your window blind is too long or any of its slats are damaged, follow this guide to adjust its length or change any broken blind slat irrespective of its material type.

Window blinds control your room’s exposure to light and serve as a protective barrier to prevent outsiders from seeing through your room. The blinds are designed in different forms depending on the arrangement of the slat – namely, Horizontal window blind slat and Vertical window blind slat.

In this guide, I’ll be discussing how to replace your window blind slat. Also, with the same process, you can reduce the length of your window blind.

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How to Change Horizontal Window Blind Slat

Changing your horizontal window blind slat is quite easy, but you need a few handy tools and materials. These tools include:

  • Flat-headed screwdriver
  • A replacement slat

Follow the steps below to change your broken window blind slats conveniently:

Note: Ensure the slats are open while changing them. It is much easier to remove the lift spring and rethread them later

1.     Remove the button plugs at the bottom of the window blind

a screwdriver with Horizontal Window Blinds
Remove the button plugs

At the bottom of every window blind is a rail that contains at least two button plugs (depending on the width of the rail). The button plugs hold the lift strings of the window slats.

Remove the button plugs with the flat-head screwdriver to expose the knotted lift springs. Then proceed to loosen the knotted lift springs.

2.     Pull the Lift Spring

window blind slat lift strings
pull the lift strings

After untieing the knotted lift springs, start pulling the lift cords through its route from the slat above the one you want to change. At this point, you will appreciate why I earlier stated you should open the slats. Opening the slats before starting this process makes it easier to remove to pull the lift cords.

Also, it would be best if you started pulling the lift cords from the highest slat you are changing. If you don’t do so, it’ll result in more work than you should.

3.     Remove and Replace the slat you want to change

a hand on window blind slat
Remove and replace the slat

After pulling the lift cords from the top of the slat(s), you want to change, remove the slat horizontally from the window blind ladder rung. Then proceed to replace it by sliding in your new slat.

Ensure the replacement slat balance accurately on the ladder rung (the horizontal cord intersecting the vertical line that holds the slat in place).

In addition, you can buy a new replacement slat or remove one of the unused slats near the bottom rail and close up the gap.

4.      Rethread the lift springs through its route hole

Rethread the lift springs
Rethread the lift springs

Once the replacement slat is balanced on the rung, start threading the lift cords you pulled earlier through the route holes. To avoid errors, you can check how the strings are threaded from the slat above.

At this point, you’ll appreciate it more when I tell you to open the slats before starting this process.

Also, make a loop with the threading cord for convenience during threading through its routes.

5.     Tie the ends of the lift cords

how to tie the lift springs with hand of window blind slat
Tie the lift springs

Once you reach the window blind’s bottom during threading, insert the lift springs into the hole at the bottom rail and tie it to form a knot.

Before you tie the lift springs, ensure they are of equal length and align through the route holes.

6.     Place the button plug

Place the button
Place the button

After tieing the lift cords in the hole on the rail, place the button plugs you removed earlier back into the hole to hold the lift plugs. Tap the plugs gently back into the hole with the end of your flat-head screwdriver.

Now proceed to draw the window blinds to ensure they open and close.

Alternatively, if you own a horizontal window blind without lift springs, you only need to remove the slat from the side and replace it accordingly.

How to Change Vertical Window Blind Slat

Changing a vertical window blind slat is much easier and less time-consuming than a horizontal slat. Follow the steps below to change your vertical window slat

1.     Open the Window blind

vertical window blind slat
Open the slats

Drag the vertical window blind drawstring or turn the swivel tool to open it. When you open it, the window slat moves from its flat position to a horizontal position where the slats are sticking out. Ensure the slats spread out after opening them.

In addition, some vertical window blinds have a spacer chain connecting them at the base. You should remove the chain by unscrewing the screw holding it.

2.     Remove the Slat you want to change

a hand on vertical window blind slat
Remove the slats

The slats are attached to a clip at the top of the blind. The clip holds the slats in position. To change the slats, you need to unclip them.

In most cases, you can unclip the slat by gently pushing it up and removing it horizontally. Also, you may have to slide a flat card (e.g., debit card) or a flat-head screwdriver into the clip side to remove the slat.

Sometimes, the vertical slat clip may be damaged and need replacement. To replace it, twist the damaged clip carefully and pull it out gently from the horizontal rail. Then proceed to replace the clip in the same manner to fit the teeth

A damaged clip on the window blind slat is being opened by hand
Remove and replace the damaged clip

3.     Replace the Slat

Position the clip space at the top of the slat so that it aligns with the clip and gently push upward. This way, the clip will fit into the hole, and you are done changing your old or damaged vertical slat.

Follow the same process to replace the slat if you have multiple slats to replace.


You don’t have to dispose of your favorite window blind because it slat got damaged. There is an option of change.

Changing your window blind slat is a simple DIY process; you don’t need any professional to fix it or have to spend some bucks. Simply follow the same method to change your damaged or old window slat.

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