Can You Carpet Over Laminate Flooring? (Find Answer here)

Yes you can easily cover laminate flooring with carpet. It’s an easy DIY project you can perform during weekends.

Although it’s best to start a new flooring from scratch. However, there are some circumstances in which you would like to swiftly install the new flooring without incurring the cost of removing the old ones first. You might be asking if you can just lay fresh carpet over your laminate flooring in this situation.

Nevertheless it is technically feasible to put carpet over laminate floor, the real question is would you want to install carpet over laminate flooring? To install the carpet, you must glue or nail down a tacking strip, which will harm the laminate. Even though it is not recommended, you may lay carpet over your current laminate flooring if you want to save yourself the effort and money. 

Can You Carpet Over Laminate Flooring?

It is possible to place carpet over laminate flooring, but you might wonder whether doing so is a smart choice. If you want to use the laminate flooring in the future, you should consider an alternative choice since in some circumstances, installing a tack strip or applying glue could harm the laminate flooring. 

It is possible to put the carpet over laminate flooring it’s one of the best practice if you just want a new floor in your home. However, there are several factors to consider. First of all, look carefully again at what material is your laminate flooring and how it is installed. 

It may be easy to remove it and not take a long time at all. However, if it is vice versa, you can definitely put carpet over laminate flooring. 

If you decide to put the carpet over laminate flooring, make sure to choose the low-pile carpeting. The recommended material is nylon fiber. This particular one will bring less harm to the laminate underneath. 

How to put Carpet on Laminate Flooring

You must first evaluate the laminate flooring before you begin to cover it with carpet. Even though carpeting may be rather forgiving, you should nonetheless get rid of any flaws before installing the carpet. 

By doing this, you can walk around on the carpet without encountering any unwelcome lumps and bumps. 

Also, you will need some handy home tools to install the carpet. Below are some of the tools you will mneed for proper and efficient carpet laying over laminate flooring:

  • Hammer – to install the tack strips to the room corners
  • Carpet cutter – although this isn’t much important, you can use other form of cutters to cut the carpet to room’s dimension
  • Tape measure – to measure the dimension of the room and carpet to fit the dimension
  • Carpet stapler – You may need an stapler to hold the underlayment in place. You can use a hand stapler to improvise. Instead, you may use a tape to hold the laminate flooring in place
  • Tack strip cutter – to cut the protruding end of tack strips. You can use a cutting saw instead if you don’t have the strip cutter
  • Knee kickers – this help to keep the carpet in place by hitting it with the edges. In addition, it help to remove lumps or wrinkle on the carpet.

Once the laminate has been examined and properly prepared, put the carpet on top by following these instructions:

Step 1: Install Tack Strips to room corners 

The first step to putting carpet over laminate flooring is to put the tack strip on the floor. This help to bring minimum damage to the laminate while carpeting. 

It is better if you strip it in the corners of the room and by the edges. This is because at some time in the future you may decide to go back to the laminate flooring. It makes it easy to hide the tack strip damage anytime you remove the carpet

Step 2: Underlayment Installation

The second step of the installation process is putting the underlayment. Make sure you pick out the material of the highest quality. This underlayment quality determines the comfort and sound dampening of the carpet. 

Step 3: Cut the Carpet to the Room’s Dimension

After you do the previous steps, then it is time to cut the carpet with carpet cutter. You may decide to use other sharp cutting equipment to cut the carpet. Ensure to crop out the proper size that is needed for your room. 

Step 4: Install the Carpet

Start carpet installation from one side of the room, and secure it with a tack strip as you move. Stretch the carpet and ensure that it is layed tightly. Make sure to secure all sides with a tack strip firmly. 

Should I Lay Carpet over my Laminated Flooring?

If you are tired of the laminate flooring in your home, laying carpet on it is one of the best idea to change your home aesthetically. Carpeting is one of the best options. Although carpeting comes with some challenges. Below are the pros and cons of installing carpet over laminated floor.

Pros of Installing Carpet over Laminate Flooring

  1. It can save you money

One of the first benefits of having carpet over laminate flooring is that it does not cost as much. Avoiding complete take-out of the old flooring is a terrific strategy to save money when putting the laminate on a tight budget. In many circumstances, you may just put the carpeting right on top of your laminate flooring and it will endure for years. 

  1. It is time-saving

Another advantage of putting the carpet on top of the laminate floor is that it requires much less time to be installed. While removing a laminate floor that is floating may be simple, if it is glued, it can require quite an effort and can take some time. When you decide to place the carpet over the laminate flooring, you save time and simplify the entire procedure.

  1. It comes with more options

Even though you may appreciate having carpet for a long time, you might ultimately wish to change things up again. You will have a choice of going back to the laminate by putting the carpet located on top of it. One thing to remember, make sure to carefully install the carpet and minimize the damage that may be brought on the laminate with either adhesive or nails. 

Cons of laying Carpet over Laminate Flooring

  1. Stretching the carpet

Laminate flooring has a very smooth exterior. While there are many ways in which this is advantageous, it can also cause the carpet to move over time. If you want to avoid this, it is advised to restretch the carpet once in a while. Without doing so, you’ll rapidly develop creases and bumps that might provide a tripping danger.

  1. Carpet over laminate is very thick

Even though laminate flooring is normally relatively thin, it increases and becomes quite thick when you take into account the layers of materials that will be required while installing the carpet on top. This might make switching from carpet to another form of flooring in your house, such as tile or wood, difficult.

  1. Laminate can be severely damaged

Cleaning challenges, of course, are one of the major disadvantages of having carpet over laminate. Well, no doubt that you occasionally will need to clean the carpet. However, if the carpeting becomes very wet, water may seep through the cushioning and harm the laminate flooring. The flooring will sag if the damage is severe, which will affect the carpet itself. 

Additionally, putting the carpet over laminate can damage the surface by making it dull. Laminates are shiny, and the carpet can take them away. Therefore, if you plan to return to your laminate flooring later, then putting the carpet over it is not recommended. Additionally, the fibers and materials that come loose from the carpet and from the laminate and it can damage and clog the vacuum cleaner.

Bottom Line

You can carpet over laminate flooring, but it is not typically a good idea. There are several things to consider and also it comes with advantages and disadvantages. Generally, if you plan to use the laminate flooring in the future too, then we do not recommend putting carpet on top of it, because, carpet can severely damage the surface of the laminate. 

On the other hand, if you do not plan to use laminate in the future, and want to save money and time, then it can be a good idea to put carpet over laminate flooring. 

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