Bamboo Fencing Ideas For Your Garden?

For many years, Bamboo Fence has been able to meet the growing demand for high-quality consumption in foreign markets. Individual poles of natural bamboo are used to hold a galvanized wire-bound rolled panel.

Easy to install, high-quality bamboo at a reasonable price! All natural bamboo fencing rolls are proud of their straightness, and they have long been treated to prevent rot, fungal decay, and insect attack. Today we will share some fantastic bamboo fencing ideas that will compel you to build a bamboo fence in your garden.

What is bamboo fencing?

Bamboo fencing is one of the most popular, long-lasting, and friendly fencing materials available to homeowners today. It is available in slats and rolls, and it can be grown, making it one of the most appealing and friendly fencing materials on the market. Thus, it can look amazing around your place. You can try it and see how it will enhance the look of your home.

What is bamboo fencing?

How long does a bamboo fence last?

In recent years, bamboo fencing idea has grown in popularity among homeowners. It is a lovely natural material that is less expensive than wood and more sustainable. But a common question among those looking to buy fencing is, “How long does bamboo fencing last?”

If we treat the bamboo pole with insect and rot-repellent chemicals, coat it with a protective finish. Also, to protect the design from rain and sun. If you do it, the bamboo can last for more than 20 – 30 years.

Bamboo fencing good or bad?

Bamboo is durable and will serve you well for a long time. The bamboo barrier is an excellent choice for your home because it requires almost no maintenance. While it is a material that looks good, it is quite pricey.

Does the bamboo fence get wet or not?

Also to allow your bamboo fencing to dry after cleaning, avoid exposing it to rain or wet weather for a few days before attempting to seal or stain it.

Is bamboo fencing strong?

Bamboo fences will not be affected if it does not face extra environmental extremes like hurricane-force winds.

bamboo fencing

Do termites eat bamboo barrier or not?

Termites love some wood types but despise others. Bamboo is one of the plants that termites avoid because the outer part of the bamboo is too hard to chew. Termites find it difficult to chew on this shell. That’s why bamboo fencing ideas are great for your home garden.

How can you protect a bamboo fence from rain?

Applying a wood protectant to your outdoor bamboo fencing is the best method to keep it safe. Coat the fencing immediately after installation to ensure that it is protected from the start. You can use TWP to protect your bamboo from rain.

Process of installing a bamboo fence in your garden

One of the earliest and most utilized materials for fencing is bamboo. As a plant, bamboos are among the largest and fastest-growing species in the grass family. Bamboo has a stronger compressive strength than wood, brick, or concrete, and it even has a tensile strength that can compete with steel.

A built-in bamboo fence in a garden

Preparation of installation bamboo barrier

You will need 195 cm of space to fit one bamboo screen between two wooden poles. You can repeat steps 2 through 5 for each extra screen, so you need to figure 195 cm for the first screen and 188 cm for each extra screen, including the extra hardwood post.

Tools requirements:

Diagonal cutter
Tie wire (14 or 16 gauge)

Follow steps
  • A bamboo panel should be unrolled and placed on either one or both sides of a bamboo fence. Utilizing a level, make any necessary adjustments to the bamboo panel. Hold the bamboo panel 2 to 13 inches from the ground to prevent decay.
  • Deck screws that are driven through the bamboo canes and into the rail of the existing fence are used to secure the panel.
  • Be careful not to overtighten the screws and fracture the bamboo as you drill the holes for the screws. The screws are staggered at the top and bottom and spaced one foot apart. The remaining bamboo panel is secured with screws, which are inserted.
  • Use galvanized steel wire instead of screws when building a bamboo fence over an existing chain-link fence.
  • Battens should be used to enclose the bamboo panel’s top and bottom ends. These battens give the panels a polished appearance and provide the bamboo barrier with a uniform appearance on both sides.
Why can you choose a bamboo fence?

Your home is your most valuable asset, thus it is important and luckily simple to increase its curb appeal and value. You can do this while focusing your time and attention on other things by using rolled bamboo fencing.

You can find some of the best bamboo fencing installers in your region by doing some internet research. Your fence professional will install your bamboo fencing panels, giving your yard and garden the largest amount of privacy. At the same time, enhancing the beauty and aesthetic of your house.


Bamboo privacy fencing is less expensive than hardwood privacy fencing. A bamboo fence can be built on your own because the fence poles or rolls are inexpensive and simple to install.


An alternative building material that is 100% renewable, beneficial, and accessible is bamboo. Bamboo has recently become a viable alternative to lumber because of its various qualities. Like quick growth, capacity to adapt to most climatic situations, benefits of little maintenance, and qualities that are like those of wood. Bamboo provides a distinctive ornamental quality that can be used to build a lovely fence. There are many rolls, panels, shapes, and heights of bamboo fencing. We think our bamboo fencing ideas give you the perfect solution for making a bamboo fence.

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