How to Add Gable Peak Light to your Home

Gable peak lights bring more beauty and attractiveness to the house. Gable peak lighting simply enhances the house’s character, especially if the house has a vintage design. Obviously, the peak lightning is very helpful at night because it keeps the exterior and yard lighting. Since you came across this article, you must be wondering how to add gable peak light to your home. 

Adding peak gable lighting is not as easy as it may look. First of all, the steps are greatly dependent on the location of the wires that have been installed at home. Additionally, you may also be wondering which lights work best for installation on a gable peak. So, let’s start our guide. 

Why is Peak Light Essential?

Gable peak lights come with several advantages. As already mentioned above, this kind of lightning makes the house look stunning and helps to point out some of the best features of its designs. Especially if the house is white, you will get the most out of the peak light because it will have a higher reflection level. Additionally, it also provides light to your yard, driveway, and area. This, of course, makes life easier, more comfortable, and course- safer. 

Especially if your house stands a little far away from the street lights, then the gable peak light will definitely be a great relief. Imagine, looking out at night and seeing just darkness, or very faint light, compared to the strong lightning that helps you to tell apart the objects in the yard. Hope the gable peak is the perfect place to add the light because this way, it gets distributed evenly on the exterior. Well, all that said above greatly depends on the strength, size, and type of light that you wish to install. However, no worries, we will offer several best options in the next section. 

Best Light Type for Gable Peak Light

When making the choice between the varieties of peak light, we recommend choosing the one that is high in quality and requires low maintenance. The peak light has to be durable. If it is not good quality, then most likely it will peel, bend, chip, or break. Another recommendation from us is to get the help of professionals if you notice that your wiring system is kind of complicated. However, if you wish to do the project yourself, then this guide below will definitely help you.

Traditional wiring system that was used before included halogen system. Which has the amount of 20 watts per bulb. Whereas with the use of LED, you will get a voltage of 4 watts. One of the best choices when purchasing a light bulb for gable peak light is LED fixtures. This also eliminates the voltage drops. Those specific ones do not require much energy, and additionally, they do not die out. Such light fixtures also are weather and water-resistant and typically do not fall victim to corrosion, dust, or chemicals. 

Step-by-step by adding the Gable Peak Light To your House

  1. Get and Install the Transformer

After you choose the proper light fixture type for your gable peak, it is time to move on to the actual installation system. The first thing to keep in mind is that you will need the transformer. Especially if you have several lights outside and want to unite them, then the transformer will help to keep the voltage efficient. For example, if the total voltage of your outdoor lights is 50 watts, then it is recommended to get a transformer that is at least 20 watts larger. 

  1. Choose the proper Wiring

The second important thing is wiring. It makes sure to run all the power in the fixtures from the transformer. Therefore, choose the wire that has good gage. The thicker the wire is, you can go further without dropping the voltage. So, you can take the wire to the peak of the gable without a problem.  Also, make sure to conceal the wire properly. Because, animals, especially squirrels love wires. Therefore, concealing them will protect your system. 

  1. Take Measurements And Mark Spots

Depending on the size of the gable, your peak light installation will require to do prepper measurements. Double-check to make sure that the light will go straight in the middle. Also, think about the angle. Do not point the light towards the window, because, it can create unwanted light beams coming in from outside at night. 

  1. Start Wiring

If you already have the proper wiring system, then it will not be difficult to add the gable peak. Start from the spot where your light is going to be and fish through in the attic, where you have your transformer located. (If it is indoors) Terminate the wire in the switch plate firmly. After that, connect your light fixture outside to the wire and firmly attach it to the gable peak center. Adjust the angle to make sure that the light beams properly and hits all the essential points in the house or in the surrounding area. 

Solar-Powered Outdoor Light- Easy and Simple Alternative

Another great alternative, which is also easy to do and does not come with any risks is solar-powered outdoor light.  Solar lights are simpler to install than conventional lights since they require less wiring. There’s often no need to hire an electrician for solar light installation you may do it yourself too.  You can find the dollar lights that get attached to the walls, therefore, they can be good gable peak lights. 

Also, make sure that the light is made out of good, durable materials. Additionally, the bulbs must have enough illumination. Before actual installation, put the solar light in sun for around 12 hours and let it charge fully. 

Installation steps are almost the same as we explained above, except the thing that the wiring is not needed. You will have to measure correctly and mark the exact spots, in addition to adjusting the light beam angle. Also, before installing, make sure that the gable peak light will get enough sunlight (Nothing gets in the way)  so the bulb will charge properly. 

Bottom Line

Gable peak lights highlight the beauty of the house design and are useful at night. Therefore, especially if you have a beautiful gable-peaked house, we recommend installing the peak lights. Above, we explored several options for peak lights that include solar lights, and LED lights. A more traditional system is a halogen system, however, in comparison to LED lights, it will require more voltage. 

Do not attempt to do the LED or halogen wiring and peak light installation if you do not have any experience. The electrical system has to be treated carefully. However, the Solar-system is safer and beginner-friendly. Remember the tips we provided above and enjoy your beautiful home with gable peak light. 

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