About Us

About us

yellowcarpets.com is a blog that was created with the intent of helping you turn your house into a home. We strive to create an environment where you can learn the secrets of home management and other related topics.

We set out to bring you the best tips and tricks on ways you can improve your home, give you product recommendations from professionals, and lots more. Whether you’re thinking of starting a garden in your backyard, trying to purchase furniture for your space, choosing the right interior decor that matches your style, or looking for DIY guides and life hacks to make running a home easier, we’ve got you covered.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create your dream home. Learning how to make
renovations or modifications on your own can be a great way to not only save money but
also tap into your creativity and add a bit of personality to your space. With our DIY tips and
life hacks, you possess the power to make your home whatever you wish. We’ve got a lot of
great ideas for you to try, from painting the walls by yourself to building some new furniture
or revamping the old ones to crafting some home decor. The list goes on. Doing any of
these doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing to understand. With the right mindset and the
perfect guide by your side, you can achieve anything.

Home Improvement Tips

We have blogs that offer the best tips and tricks you can implement to make home
management easier and more exciting. We offer you suggestions about things and habits
you can do to add life to your home. We have topics that teach home improvement skills like
how to do the laundry, keep track of your supplies, protect your house against insects and
rodents, plan for a successful grocery shopping trip, store your perishables properly, deep
clean the entire house and lots more.

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