7 living room trending ideas for 2023

They say home is where the heart is, but where does it belong? My wild guess is the living room. Apart from one’s bedroom, people spend a lot of their time at home in the living room. That being said, the living room should possess qualities that make the heart feel like it belongs. In 2023, some trends have been noted in the interior design frontier. This article will highlight some of the current living room ideas and interior design trends. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Proper lighting. Light opens up space.

Take a moment and think about how your space looks once you draw the curtains on a bright day. Lovely, isn’t it? The splash of light makes your space look airy, bigger, and much more lively. Light also allows for atmosphere enhancement; the way light bounces off surfaces, how it bends, and even just the rays give a lot of psychological satisfaction.

Eco-friendly interior décor.

We are in a new era. Conservation of the environment is dire. To step up, one must form their personal space. To fit the cause, decorations should be well thought out. Choose decor that is not biodegradable but also does not erode the earth of its natural minerals. Be mindful of what you take from the environment to put in your living room.

Interior design that fits your routine

Are you a work-from-home person? Are you not? What are some of the things you do daily? As much as you serve a living room by having good interior design and cleaning it, it should serve you. It is your house anyway. Ensure that some of the things that you use regularly are in the living room. Not only does it give your space a personality, it tells a story.

Have a wellness-focused living room design.

Being at home should elicit feelings of joy, peace, and comfort. Since a lot of time is spent in the living room, it should have things that trigger such emotions. Have your space decorated with things that you like and those that bring out the best in you. Keep in mind that it is no sin to have unconventional pieces in your living room.

Use well-liked colors.

Shades of blue, lavender, white, and grey are popular colors. These colors make you feel comfortable, which is what one is going for when decorating a living room. However, it is important to note that dull colors make the space look smaller. Use bright colors or shades of them, depending on your preference. Warm colors are not only aesthetic but also reflect light, which is exactly what you need.

Have a nostalgic living room.

Interior decoration is all about breathing life into space. Music decorates time, but art decorates space. Pictures, scents, and textures are examples of things you need to decorate your space. These three things appeal to our subconscious. Think about it: does a particular scent take you back in time? Does the fabric on your couch confirm that you are home? Do the pictures on your wall make you feel something?

Have flaws in your living room.

Humans are to error. Nobody expects perfection. Scale and size alter perspective. Have living room decorations that suit your perspective. Color gradients, patterns, and materials should vary to give your living room a splash of personality. Decorate your living room with trinkets that speak life, not a fairytale.


Change is inevitable. In 2023, here are some of the trends that are taking over living room interior design ideas: having eco-friendly decor, using popular colors, using lighting to open up space, using nostalgic decor, having flaws in your space, having a wellness-focused space, and decorating your living room with things that suit your routine.

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